Research recognized at CGU Meeting



The CGU met in Banff for its 21st annual meeting from May 22–26, 1995. Regular sessions of the CGU were augmented by new sessions in environmental physics, induced seismicity, and groundwater hydrology, and the hydrology section hosted an international Global Energy and Water Cycle Experiment workshop that attracted hydrologists from around the world.

The J. Tuzo Wilson Medal, which is awarded annualy by CGU to recognize outstanding contributions to geophysics in Canada, was awarded to Charlotte Keen for her research on the continental margins and sedimentary basins of the Atlantic. Keen, who is a Fellow of both the Royal Society of Canada and AGU, was an early practitioner of large-scale marine seismic surveys and was involved in the first demonstration of seismic anisotropy in the upper mantle. More recently, she has worked on thermal/mechanical models and their application to the rifted Atlantic continental margins.