The dark side of the Solar Flare Myth



Gosling [1993, 1994] reviewed the growing observational evidence that traveling interplanetary shocks, large solar energetic particle (SEP) events, and large nonrecurrent geomagnetic storms are produced by coronal mass ejections (CMEs), not by solar flares. The growing evidence for CMEs as the cause of these phenomena constituted a declaration of independence from the flare community, and certainly squelched the attitude of benign neglect that had beset interplanetary phenomena and observations. In one case it produced hostile dismay that [Jack Gosling and a few other revisionists] would [wage an assault on the last 30 years of solar-flare research] based on the [low-grade optical data that the CME people use] [Zirin, 1994]. Calmer objections were raised by Hudson, Haisch, and Strong [1995], who accept the interplanetary consequences of CMEs but suggest that [it is shortsighted to distinguish CMEs and flares.]