Eos, Transactions American Geophysical Union

New database documents the magnetic character of the Arctic and North Atlantic



Magnetic observations of the Arctic and North Atlantic Oceans and adjacent land areas have been compiled in a new database that offers an unprecedented look at the magnetic anomalies over the continents and oceans of the study area. The most visible result of this compilation is the shaded relief map shown in Figure 1, which offers one of the most complete and coherent perspectives to date of the region's magnetic character. When combined with other types of observations, this information promises to shed new light on the breakup of the continents and the creation of the seafloor.

Another product of the compilation is a grid of magnetic anomalies with wavelengths shorter than 400 km. Defined at regular intervals of 5 km, these grid values are well suited to quantitative tectonic investigations and to the automated production of accurate maps. Upon conclusion of the project in the first quarter of 1996, a digital version of the final grid will be released into the public domain for free and unrestricted use by investigators, along with full documentation and regional magnetic anomaly maps.