Sarmiento is selected for GBC editorship


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Jorge L. Sarmiento is looking forward to his role as the new editor of Global Biogeochemical Cycles for a term of January 1, 1996 through December 31, 1999. He seeks to continue the high standards of the journal set by the present editor, Karl Turekian, that have brought the journal to preeminence in its field. Other goals are to maintain the rapid publication record of the journal; to continue to draw high-quality papers from a broad spectrum of terrestrial, atmospheric, and oceanic scientists; and to increase the number of such papers submitted to the journal. He will actively solicit papers on topics that are scientifically provocative and perhaps controversial. An editorial board—consisting of Michael Bender of URI, Peter Vitousek of Stanford University, and Steven Wofsy of Harvard—will provide Sarmiento advice and will help to recruit exciting new papers for Global Biogeochemical Cycles.