Brightness distribution of midlatitude E region echoes detected at the Chung-Li VHF radar


  • Chien-Ming Huang,

  • Erhan Kudeki,

  • Steven J. Franke,

  • C. H. Liu,

  • Jürgen Röttger


A three-sensor interferometry method is employed to parameterize the brightness distribution of VHF radar returns from midlatitude E region plasma irregularities monitored by the Chung-Li radar in Taiwan. The angular half-width of the brightness distribution in the direction parallel to the geomagnetic field is estimated as ∼0.2°. In the orthogonal direction the angular half-width is measured as ∼0.5°-1°. The results suggest that meter scale field-aligned plasma irregularities responsible for the observed echoes were organized in localized patches with 2 to 4 km cross-field scales.