An eddy-resolving limited area primitive equation model of the Iceland-Farœ frontal region is developed. The spatial and temporal evolution of the front is examined on time-scales of up to 2 months. Experiments are performed changing the open boundary conditions at the lateral boundaries, using passive and active open boundary conditions. The experiment with the passive open boundary conditions reproduces many observed features of the Iceland-Farœ frontal region. Discrepancies between these results and observations in the area are noted. In particular, the western end of the front drifts too far north. The model is then forced at the lateral boundaries using two contrasting barotropic velocity fields. Improvements in the results are noted. Comparison of the results illustrate to what extent and how, far-field currents can affect the dynamics of this frontal region. The East Icelandic current is found to have the following important effect on the front: maintaining its vertical structure and confining the western end of the front to more southerly latitudes.