Validation of UARS Microwave Limb Sounder ClO measurements


  • J. W. Waters,

  • W. G. Read,

  • L. Froidevaux,

  • T. A. Lungu,

  • V. S. Perun,

  • R. A. Stachnik,

  • R. F. Jarnot,

  • R. E. Cofield,

  • E. F. Fishbein,

  • D. A. Flower,

  • J. R. Burke,

  • J. C. Hardy,

  • L. L. Nakamura,

  • B. P. Ridenoure,

  • Z. Shippony,

  • R. P. Thurstans,

  • L. M. Avallone,

  • D. W. Toohey,

  • R. L. deZafra,

  • D. T. Shindell


Validation of stratospheric ClO measurements by the Microwave Limb Sounder (MLS) on the Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite (UARS) is described. Credibility of the measurements is established by (1) the consistency of the measured ClO spectral emission line with the retrieved ClO profiles and (2) comparisons of ClO from MLS with that from correlative measurements by balloon-based, ground-based, and aircraft-based instruments. Values of “noise” (random), “scaling” (multiplicative), and “bias” (additive) uncertainties are determined for the Version 3 data, the first version publicly released, and known artifacts in these data are identified. Comparisons with correlative measurements indicate agreement to within the combined uncertainties expected for MLS and the other measurements being compared. It is concluded that MLS Version 3 ClO data, with proper consideration of the uncertainties and “quality” parameters produced with these data, can be used for scientific analyses at retrieval surfaces between 46 and 1 hPa (approximately 20–50 km in height). Future work is planned to correct known problems in the data and improve their quality.