A simple model of atmospheric radar backscatter: Description and application to the full correlation analysis of spaced antenna data


  • David A. Holdsworth,

  • Iain M. Reid


A model has been developed for simulating the effects of backscatter from scatterers advected with a mean background wind. This model has been designed to be as simple yet as realistic as possible, allowing the simulation of both spaced antenna and Doppler radars, and includes features such as aspect sensitivity, gravity wave perturbations, and turbulent motions. The model simulates the characteristics of radar backscatter very well at both MF and VHF. Results of the application of the full correlation analysis to model data generated for the spaced antenna configuration are presented, revealing good agreement with the model input velocity. The effects of the sampling time upon the full correlation analysis are investigated, suggesting an upper limit for the successful application of the technique. The triangle size effect of the full correlation analysis is also investigated, confirming that the major cause is the failure to properly compensate for the effects of noise. The application of techniques for the estimation of turbulent velocities and aspect sensitivity from model-generated data have also proven successful.