Developments in UHF lower tropospheric wind profiling at NOAA's Aeronomy Laboratory


  • D. A. Carter,

  • K. S. Gage,

  • W. L. Ecklund,

  • W. M. Angevine,

  • P. E. Johnston,

  • A. C. Riddle,

  • J. Wilson,

  • C. R. Williams


Developments in UHF profiling at 915 MHz are presented. Recent advances in UHF profiling are traced to early developments beginning about 8 years ago in the Aeronomy Laboratory at 915 MHz using microstrip antennas. This paper presents an overview of the architecture of the UHF profiler system as it has evolved over the past decade including the development of radio acoustic sounding system (RASS) capabilities. Hardware and software components are described and operational performance is summarized from experience gained from many installations, primarily from those in the tropics. Applications to wind profiling, boundary layer height determination, flux measurement, and precipitation profiling are considered.