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Some preliminary results obtained with the new Adelaide MF Doppler radar


  • Brenton G. W. Vandepeer,

  • Iain M. Reid


A portion of the large Adelaide MF/HF antenna array has been used in conjunction with a new, 25 kW solid-state transmitter to conduct electronic beam-steering experiments. Thirty of the array's refurbished, independently phased antennas were connected to the 10 power amplification (PA) modules in groups of three to form a steerable beam with a one-way half-power half width of 5°. Phase propagation errors in the receivers were determined and used to enable accurate direction-finding and interferometric studies to be conducted. In this paper, new methods of determining the aspect sensitivity of backscatter and the three-dimensional linear wind field in the mesosphere and lower thermosphere (60–100 km) are introduced.

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