Lunine receives Macelwane Medal



The 1995 James B. Macelwane Medal, given by AGU for significant contributions to the geophysical sciences by a young scientist of outstanding ability, was presented to Jonathan Lunine at the AGU Fall Meeting Honor Ceremony on December 13, 1995, in San Francisco. The award citation and Lunine's response are given here.

Jonathan Lunine is a remarkably talented and accomplished scientist, best known in the planetary community for his work on the nature of icy bodies. It is rather startling to think that he could still win a young scientist award, because his published contributions now span almost 15 years, and his impact and role is very much one of an authority figure. As if the planetary work were not sufficient accomplishment, Jon has also contributed to our understanding of brown dwarfs, objects whose existence has been long in dispute, but for which the evidence is now (at long last) very strong.