Continental Rifts: Evolution, Structure and Tectonics



Twenty one “friends of continental rifts” wrote Continental Rifts: Evolution, Structureand Tectonics. They define the object of their passion as elongate tectonic depressions along which the entire lithosphere has been modified by extension. Strictly speaking, passive margins and highly extended terranes such as the Basin and Range are not included in this definition, but the authors consider them to be related to continental rifts. The authors hail from academia and set as their main goal “an improved understanding of the fundamental lithospheric processes of rifting, with primary focus on deep structures and processes associated with rifting.” Consequently, many well-known extensional systems, for example, the North Sea grabens, the Suez Basin, onshore and offshore eastern China, and large areas of southeast Asia, are barely considered. Rift aficionados from the petroleum industry will find very little to interest them in this book.