Deep-sea cores from the Caribbean reveal history of volcanism, tectonics, and oceanic change


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Many exciting discoveries about the geologic history of the Caribbean were revealed in deep-sea cores collected at five sites (Figure 1), one of which was in the igneous basement of the Caribbean Oceanic Plateau (site 1001). The age, physical characteristics, and geochemistry of the basalts recovered are helping to piece together the tectonic history of the Caribbean Plate as a Large Igneous Province.

The spectacular record of Eocene and Miocene explosive volcanism recovered at four of the sites is unmatched in its magnitude and chronostratigraphic resolution. Drilling at the anoxic Cariaco Basin on the margin of Venezuela yielded a triple-cored record (site 1002) of late Quaternary tropical climate variability that can be studied on timescales of tens to thousands of years, comparable to ice cores and the mid-latitude sediments of the