Seismological network in China celebrates first 10 years



Located near the boundary of the India, Pacific, and Eurasia plates, the Chinese continent is characterized by complex tectonics and high seismicity. Since the Sino-U.S. cooperative China Digital Seismograph Network (CDSN) began operating 10 years ago, it has played an active role in studying the seismology of China.

Studies of the lithospheric structure and earthquake sources using digital seismic data are highly important in the study of geodynamics and the reduction of seismic disasters. Using the CDSN data, extensive studies were carried out by seismologists both in China and abroad. The studies investigated the lithospheric structure, seismic anisotropy within the upper mantle, and inversion of regional centroid moment tensors (RCMTs) of moderate to strong earthquakes. Earthquake sources were imaged based on broadband digital waveform analysis. As a result, over 100 papers have been published in China and abroad since 1990.