Complex chiral admittance of conducting multiturn helices embedded in a dielectrically lossy medium in the quasi-stationary approximation


  • L. R. Arnaut,

  • L. E. Davis


An analysis is made of electromagnetic activity due to the chirality of conducting multiturn helical objects in the quasi-stationary approximation. The complex chiral admittance ξe is computed analytically for a lossy helix embedded in a dielectrically lossy host material as a function of the helix dimensions and medium properties using a parallel-wire transmission line model. The condition for chiral losslessness of an electromagnetically lossy chiral is obtained, and it is shown that irrotativity is not possible in the quasi-static approximation. The dependence of ξe on helix diameter, gauge, pitch, and length is demonstrated. With the aid of this model, electromagnetic rotation and circular dichroism are calculated for lossy chirals and compared with measured data.