Spectral structure of auroral F layer patches


  • L. M. Erukhimov,

  • N. V. Muravjeva,

  • E. N. Myasnikov,

  • O. V. Evstafjev,

  • V. I. Kosolapenko


Analysis of the power law spectral form for the differential phase and amplitude scintillation spectra has been performed for the orbital satellite beacons at 150–400 MHz receiving at the site Verkhnetulomsky (68.4°N, 31.85°E). It is shown that inside of the local scintillation patches, which are seen during ground-based observations in the vicinity of the east-west direction, a significant increase of power law slope occurs at the scales l > 0.5 km. A model of plasma density spectrum combining both the small-scale rod-like and large-scale sheet-like irregularities is proposed.