Cross correlations and cross spectra for spaced antenna wind profilers: 2. Algorithms to estimate wind and turbulence


  • Christopher L. Holloway,

  • Richard J. Doviak,

  • Stephen A. Cohn,

  • Richard J. Lataitis,

  • Joel S. Van Baelen


In part 1 of this paper we developed analytic relationships linking the cross correlation and cross spectrum of the echoes from a spaced antenna system to the properties of a horizontally isotropic scattering medium (e.g., clear-air refractive index irregularities) and the background flow (e.g., laminar or isotropic turbulent flow). Using these analytic expressions, in the present paper, part 2, we construct algorithms (for both the time domain and frequency domain) for extracting unbiased wind and turbulence estimates. We derive a condition under which one can ignore turbulence when computing winds from the time delay to the peak of the cross-correlation functions. We show profiles of the horizontal wind and turbulence based on these algorithms using data from the unique 33-cm wavelength spaced antenna wind profiler developed by the National Center for Atmospheric Research.