AGU Council makes major commitment to the future of electronic publication


  • Anonymous


The establishment of a “perpetual care trust fund for AGU's electronic archives,” which was done at the December 1996 meeting, is perhaps one of the most far-reaching actions ever taken by the AGU Council. The Union recognizes that it has a responsibility to the scientific community to assure that AGU publications are available in the future. Without the careful protection and upgrading of the files developed for AGU's electronic publications, there could be a hiatus in the archive of the body of knowledge. The costs associated with the maintenance of the electronic archive for these publications will be a continuing obligation of the Union, one that may be too large to be absorbed in the annual operating budget. Thus, the Council at the recommendation of the Publications Committee set up a trust fund to help ensure that AGU has the financial resources to maintain an archive of the material included in its electronic publications, to refresh these files on a regular basis, and to migrate the material in the archive to new formats and media as the technology for electronic publishing changes.