Outstanding student papers


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Six presentations were named outstanding student papers in the Atmospheric Sciences Section at the 1996 Fall Meeting in San Francisco, California. Brian S. Berland presented “Surface Sensitive Studies of CIONO2 Hydrolysis on Ice.” Berland graduated with a B.A. in chemistry from Carleton College in 1991. He then attended the University of Colorado at Boulder graduate program under the direction of professors Steven George and Margaret Tolbert, and recently he has received his Ph.D. in physical chemistry. His thesis focused on the role of heterogeneous chemistry in polar stratospheric ozone depletion. The optical constants of thin films representative of polar stratospheric clouds (PSCs) were measured using optical interference and ultraviolet absorption. These measurements have been useful for the interpretation of field data to help determine the phase and composition of PSCs. In addition, surfacesensitive techniques were used to study the mechanisms for heterogenous chlorine activation on these surfaces.