A decade ago, he was bombarded by criticisms and objections in the court of scientific opinion. Now Lou Frank thinks that he has enough evidence to warrant a new hearing. The challenge is for other scientists, using other instruments, to verify the observations.

Eleven years after he wrote in Geophysical Research Letters (GRL) that he had detected holes in ultraviolet images of Earth's upper atmosphere and that they were caused by previously unknown comet-like objects, space physicist Louis Frank of the University of Iowa now asserts that he has found new evidence for his once-discredited theory. Using the Visible Imaging System (VIS) on NASA's Polar spacecraft, Frank and University of Iowa researcher John Sigwarth have gathered new images of what appear to be comet-like objects streaking toward Earth, breaking up at high altitudes, and depositing clouds of water vapor that make short-lived "holes" in the upper atmosphere.