Scientists question whether large meteorite hit Greenland



Southern Greenland is especially remote and desolate during the winter months. Since mid-December, more than 1 m of snow has fallen over the ice cap, and the sun lights up the sky for just five hours during the shortest days.

But some Danish scientists hope that somewhere near 61°25″N, 44°26″W, and not far from the tiny town of Qaqortoq, lie the remains of a large meteorite that lit up the early morning sky for a few very bright moments on December 9, before it disappeared and possibly impacted on the Earth at approximately 5:11 a.m. local time (8:11 UT). If the meteor disintegrated before reaching the Earth's surface, as most do, some scientists at least hope to find bits of extraterrestrial ash from which they might learn more about the origin and make-up of the Solar System.