The circulation south of Australia derived from an inverse model



An inverse model is used to determine circulation and volume transports in the Australian sector of the southern Indian Ocean from observations during WOCE. Water movement in the upper 1000 m is westward along the continental slope and eastward in the Subantarctic Front (SAF). The Subtropical Front is not associated with continuous eastward flow; however, such flow appears to build up between 120°E and 132°E, where it dominates the region between 37°S and 42°S. Antarctic Intermediate Water is found to move from the Pacific into the Indian Ocean, except in the region of the SAF where it moves from the Indian to the Pacific Ocean. Circumpolar Deep Water exhibits weak flow which can only be reliably resolved in the upper part, where it is predominantly westward. Antarctic Bottom Water enters the Australian Basin through two depressions in the Australian-Antarctic Discordance at 125°37′E and at 126°30′E.