Reply [to “Comment on ‘The measurement of tropospheric OH radicals by laser-induced fluorescence spectroscopy during the POPCORN field campaign’ by Hofzumahaus et al. and ‘Intercomparison of tropospheric OH radical measurements by multiple folded long-path laser absorption and laser induced fluorescence’ by Brauers et al.”]


  • A. Hofzumahaus,

  • T. Brauers,

  • U. Aschmutat,

  • U. Brandenburger,

  • H.-P. Dorn,

  • M. Hausmann,

  • M. Heßling,

  • F. Holland,

  • C. Plass-Dülmer,

  • M. Sedlacek,

  • M. Weber,

  • D. H. Ehhalt

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