Excitation of oscillating two stream instability by upper hybrid pump waves in ionospheric heating experiments at Tromso



It is shown that upper hybrid waves generated by the HF heater wave in the Tromso' heating experiments can excite oscillating two stream instability near the upper hybrid resonance layer of the heater wave. The sidebands of the investigated parametric instability are obliquely propagating Langmuir waves. These Langmuir waves can be excited in milliseconds and have a broad angular distribution. Thus, those waves propagating obliquely at small angles with respect to the geomagnetic field can contribute to the zero off-set frequency component of the plasma line spectrum detected by a backscatter radar. The analyses also show that the wavelengths of the Langmuir waves have an upper bound and consequently, explain why the zero off-set frequency plasma line has been detected by the EISCAT 933 MHz (UHF) radar, but not by the EISCAT 244 MHz (VHF) radar as reported in Stubbe et. al. [1992].