Cross correlations of fields scattered by horizontally anisotropic refractive index irregularities


  • Christopher L. Holloway,

  • Richard J. Doviak,

  • Stephen A. Cohn


In this paper we present an analytic expression for the cross-correlation function of signals received by spaced antennas for scattering from an atmosphere with horizontally and/or vertically anisotropic scattering irregularities. We demonstrate that our expression is equivalent to the one Briggs [1984] obtained through heuristic arguments; we also show how the parameters in Briggs's expression are related to parameters that describe (1) the orientation, shape, and size of the scattering irregularities; (2) the turbulent flow; and (3) the radar. Finally, we introduce an alternative approach (different from Briggs's full correlation analysis) for estimating horizontal winds and turbulence.