Scintillation and simultaneous rain attenuation at 12.5 GHz to satellite Olympus


  • Emilio Matricciani,

  • Mario Mauri,

  • Carlo Riva


This paper reports the statistical relationship between 1-s averaged rain attenuation (A, in decibels) and standard deviation (σ, in decibels) of simultaneous tropospheric scintillation in 1-s intervals, derived from high-resolution (50 samples/s) experimental 12.5-GHz attenuation time series recorded at Spino d'Adda (45.4°N) in a 30.6° slant path to satellite Olympus during an observation time of approximately 1 year. The statistical relationship can be fitted by the power law σ=0.068A5/12 derivable from a thin turbulent layer model. A similar relationship was also previously obtained in the same slant path at 19.77 GHz. As a consequence, we have concluded that at least up to 20 GHz, the modeling is independent of frequency.