Remotely sensing cloud properties from microwave radiometric observations by using a modeled cloud database


  • Giovanni d'Auria,

  • F. S. Marzano,

  • N. Pierdicca,

  • R. Pinna Nossai,

  • Patrizia Basili,

  • Piero Ciotti


As a first step for remote sensing cloud properties, a database of cloud genera has been established. This is derived from a microphysical model, and it considers the statistical profiles of four hydrometeor species for each cloud genus. From this database the corresponding radiative database is obtained making use of a radiative transfer model, so for each cloud genus the simulated microwave response at the special sensor microwave imager channels is found. The cloud and radiative databases allow the retrieval of the genera of the cloud and other relevant properties from satellite observations. An automatic cloud genus classifier has also been implemented. Several tests have been carried out, and the results are presented.