Antarctica's role in global change research examined



The greatest discoveries about Antarctica's late Mesozoic and Cenozoic geologic history have been made since the International Geophysical Year in 1957. These discoveries were made by Earth scientists who conduct research in many countries under their National Antarctic Programs, which in turn follow the broad science guidelines recommended by the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR). SCAR has many subgroups that address thematic issues.

One of these groups, the Antarctic Offshore Stratigraphy Project (ANTOSTRAT), was tasked by SCAR to bring together a cross-section of Antarctic Earth scientists to outline the critical thematic topics related to the last 100 m.y. of Antarctic Earth history and to recommend objectives for the coming decade of Antarctic Earth science studies. Such a group of specialists met at a recent workshop, with participation of over 40 scientists from 11 countries. A second SCAR workshop was held simultaneously by the Antarctic Ice Margin Environment (ANTIME) group to focus on the last 20,000 years of Earth history.