Wegener revisited



In his reply to the comment by Marotzke and Adcroft that “The connection between Mediterranean salinity and Ice Age initiation is only postulated but not substantiated through quantitative reasoning supported by data,” (Eos, Nov. 11, 1997, p. 507) R. G. Johnson states, “By these standards Alfred Wegener's ‘outlandish’ continental drift hypothesis would never have been published.”

This is grossly unfair to Wegener. If welook at any edition of Wegener's famous book The Origin of Continents and Oceans, we find a large array of arguments supported by geodetic, geophysical, geological, paleontological, biological, and paleoclimatic data. Indeed, it is a remarkable example supporting Marotzke and Adcroft's comments! What we should be pondering is: Why did the scientific establishment reject such a large amount of evidence for so long?