Geoenvironment: An Introduction



Geoenvironment: An Introduction looks at the geoenvironment not only from an environmental point of view but also in relation to social and economic factors and the perspective of human life. It is very important that global environment issues be looked at from socioeconomic and to some extent political points of view.

The book is written in a way that nonhydrogeologists, nonenvironmental scientists and nonenvironmental engineers can understand the geoenvironment and its impact on human health and life. Theoretical concepts are kept to a minimum while the book conceptually links global contamination of the environment with human health. Based on his longtime experience with the United Nations on health issues, the author makes good efforts in treating the environment from the point of view of the individual's country. This is very desirable since different countries have different environmental policies and regulations as well as socioeconomic conditions. Rules and regulations in effect in developed countries may not be in effect in some third world nations.