Hydrology Section Executive Committee meets



Each year, the Hydrology Section Executive Committee holds a meeting to keep members informed of the section's activities and to discuss issues that arise in the hydrologic sciences. Below are a few highlights from the most recent meeting, which was held in December.

The work of the section is most visible at the Fall and Spring Meetings and more and more hydrologists are attending. For example, at the 1997 Fall Meeting, over 1000 abstracts were presented in the Hydrology Section. The Spring Meeting is also well attended by section members, and the next will be held from May 26 to 29, 1998, in Boston, Mass. Planning for the upcoming meeting is well underway, with the list of special sessions now finalized by the Section Technical Committees. Those of you who would like to propose technical sessions in the future should note that the planning horizon is now nearly a full year in advance of the meetings.