Living With the Coast of Alaska



Living with the Coast of Alaska is one of 20 books in the “Living with the Shore” series. It covers a wide range of Alaskan coastal settings, including the ice-stressed shores of the low-relief, desert-like, high Arcticsemi; the coasts of the vast Bering Seasemi; the barren volcanic islands of the Aleutian chainsemi; and south central and southeastern Alaska with their high mountains, large glaciers, steep-sided fjords, heavy precipitation, and active tectonism. Even for the well-seasoned Alaskan, this book offers an education in the incredible diversity of this state's coastal zone.

Treating such a broad topic with its multitude of coastal hazards must have been difficult in comparison with other areas covered in the series. But it wasaccomplished quite well through the assistance of experts on coastal hazards and hazard mitigation in construction.