Seismic experiment paves way for long-term seafloor observatories


  • Debra S. Stakes,

    1. MBARI, PO Box 628, Moss Landing CA 95039-0628 USA
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  • Barbara Romanowicz,

  • Jean-Paul Montagner,

  • Pascal Tarits,

  • Jean-Francois Karczewski,

  • Steve Etchemendy,

  • Craig Dawe,

  • Doug Neuhauser,

  • Paul McGill,

  • Jean Claude Koenig,

  • Jean Savary,

  • Mike Begnaud,

  • Mike Pasyanos


The Monterey Bay Ocean Bottom International Seismic Experiment (MOISE) has successfully deployed a suite of geophysical and oceanographic instrument packages on the ocean floor using the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute's (MBARI) Ventana, a tethered Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV).The goal of this international cooperative experiment is to advance the global Seafloor Observatory effort by developing a prototype suite of instruments and installing them on the western side of the San Andreas fault system offshore of central California. The centerpiece of the instrument suite was a digital broadband seismometer package partially buried within the sediment-covered floor of Monterey Bay, 40 km offshore and 10 km west of the San Gregorio fault at a depth of 1015 m (Figure 1).