Database of geomagnetic observatory monthly means seeks contributors



The Department of Geomagnetism of the Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris (IPGP) has compiled a new global database of monthly mean values of geomagnetic elements. This database was originally compiled for a study of “geomagnetic jerks”—apparent sudden step changes in secular acceleration, either side of which the secular variation appears to be approximately linear—for which time series of annual mean values had been the principal source of observational data.

Researchers at IPGP encourage geomagnetic observatories throughout the world to submit their monthly mean values for inclusion in the database as soon as possible at the end of each month. The values submitted must be at least provisionally corrected to absolute values at the reference point of the observatory. The preferred method to submit data is by e-mail in a specified format, but observatories that lack e-mail facilities may send their results by fax or mail.