Earth's Dynamic Systems, 8th Edition



From the very first edition, Hamblin and Christiansen's elementary geology text, Earth's Dynamic Systems, has stood above its competitors in the quality of its illustrations— all of them now in color. These are exceptionally well planned to bring out essential points of the text and are models of clarity and artistic design, especially the three-dimensional cutaway diagrams of tectonic and geomorphic features. Many new drawings and photos have been incorporated in this 8th edition, including dramatic pictures of planetary surfaces. Each of the 25 chapters begins with an opening statement that puts the chapter in a larger context and closes with a list of key terms, some thought-provoking review questions, a list of suggested readings in more advanced works, and—a novel and useful feature—a list of Web sites germane to the chapter. An illustrated glossary and a useful index complete the book. Pages feature wake-up questions for the student, such as “How do we know that streams erode the valleys through which they flow?”