Six New Paleomagnetic Databases released



The annual update of the International Association of Geomagnetism and Aeronomy (IAGA)-sponsored paleomagnetic databases has now been completed. The databases are available as files for use with Access 2.0 (for Windows 3.1) or Access 97 (for Windows 95) as described by McElhinny and Lock “ 1996”. The new package (Version 3.3 of the databases) now includes six databases as follows: Global Paleomagnetic Database (gpmdb2. mdb orgpmdb97.mdb); Magnetostratigraphy Database (magst2.mdb or magst97.mdb); Paleointensity Database (pint2.mdb orpint97.mdb); Polarity Transitions Database (trans2.mdb or trans97.mdb); Secular Variations Database (secvr2.mdb or secvr97.mdb); and Paleosecular Variation from Lavas Database (psvrl2.mdb or psvrl97.mdb).