New map compiled of Europe's gravity field


  • Stanislaw Wybraniec,

  • Shaohua Zhou,

  • Hans Thybo,

    1. Geological Institute, University of Copenhagen, Oster Voldgade 10 DK-1350 Copenhagen K, Denmark
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  • Rene Forsberg,

  • Edward Perchuc,

  • Michael Lee,

  • Gleb D. Demianov,

  • V. N. Strakhov


A gravity anomaly map of Europe was recently compiled that incorporates significant new data, especially from the eastern European countries. The map (Figure 1a), which was developed by a group of geophysicists and geodesists, goes a long way toward establishing a common and reliable database.

Geological information contained in the regional gravity field are highlighted in the map, and all known large-scale geological structures are well coordinated with the anomaly patterns. The map offers basic gravity information for geophysical studies related to subsurface geology and large-scale tectonic features in Europe and reinforces or supports previous interpretations of largescale tectonic features.