Utilization of a nonrecurrent waveform to mitigate range-folded spread Doppler clutter: Application to over-the-horizon radar


  • Michael P. Hartnett,

  • John T. Clancy,

  • Robert J. Denton Jr.


This paper describes the application of a new nonrecurrent waveform (NRWF) to a relocatable over-the-horizon radar (ROTHR) located in southern Virginia. The waveform is designed to improve the detection of aircraft targets through the mitigation of long-range spread Doppler clutter (SDC) encountered during nighttime operations. A discussion of the NRWF and its principle of operation are included, along with a brief description of ROTHR modifications. The focus of the paper is the presentation of test results from engineering, clutter mitigation, and target detection tests conducted during January through April of 1997.