Tunguska conference participants hear of comet material discovery


  • Vladimir V. Svetsov,

  • Evgeniy M. Kolesnikov,

  • Nataly V. Kolesnikova


Material from a comet, which a number of scientists now believe caused widespread devastation in Tunguska in Siberian Russia 90 years ago last summer by exploding in midair, may recently have been found. Geochemical analyses of peat samples from the Tunguska area show high concentrations of volatile elements and unusual isotopic compositions of carbon and hydrogen, which are associated with comets.

Results of the study were presented at the Tunguska-90 International Scientific Conference, which was convened last year near the site on the event's June 30th anniversary date. But there was by no means consensus. Other views, including nontraditional ones, also were presented in an open forum and participants agreed the site must be preserved and the event studied until the mystery is totally solved.