Stumm and Morgan receive 1999 Stockholm water prize


  • Shermonta L. Grant


At a March 22 press conference in Stockholm, the Stockholm Water Foundation announced that Professors Werner Stumm and James J. Morgan will be awarded the 1999 Stockholm Water Prize. The aquatic chemists will share this distinguished prize of $150,000, which recognizes an individual, organization, or institution that makes a sizable contribution to water resources.

The scientists were chosen for their extensive research accomplishments in the discipline, which have improved the understanding of processes in the water environment and have led to the production of better methods for treating wastewater and drinking water throughout the world. Both scientists established aquatic chemistry as a primary discipline for many colleagues, including limnologists, ecologists, and oceanographers. They also coauthored a book titled Aquatic Chemistry, which is a renowned reference for professionals and students throughout the scientific community.