Project offers funding applicants education, public outreach help



The Windows to the Universe project ( offers principal investigators developing proposals for funding from NASA, the National Science Foundation, and other agencies a high leverage vehicle for education and public outreach efforts associated with their proposals. With a rapidly growing audience of over 300,000 users per month (as of February 1999), approximately one third in the K-12 sector, the Windows to the Universe project provides investigators an instant, large-scale, global audience.

The approximately 4800 interconnected html documents developed by the project over the past 4 years (including an emphasis on Sun-Earth connections through its “Space Weather Today” section) provide a substantial body of content, as well as a proven user-friendly interface, that can be immediately utilized to avoid duplication of effort and provide efficient use of education and public outreach funds. The Windows to the Universe project also includes teacher workshops, evaluation, and dissemination.