In Memoriam


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William Bernstein died on March 6,1999, at age 74. He had been a member (SPA-Aeronomy) since 1979. Bernstein earned his physics degree at New York University in February 1944. In the late 1940s, he worked on plasma physics fusion problems at the Brookhaven Laboratory in Long Island, and on the Project Matterhorn at Princeton University where he conducted experiments associated with Martin Kruskal's theories. Bernstein also fired one of the earliest Javelin rockets in March 1970, to explore the upper atmosphere and ionosphere before, during, and after a total solar eclipse in the United States. He was part of a team who started a world-class effort to apply plasma theory to space and ionospheric physics. In the 1960s, Bernstein also made the first of several sabbatical visits to the Culham Laboratory in the United Kingdom.