Committee reports: Public policy and the geophysical sciences



At the 2000 AGU Spring Meeting in Washington, D.C. the Committee on Public Affairs (COPA) will highlight why Earth and space science are important to policy makers and how scientists can become better attuned to the political process.

During their October 21–22 meeting at AGU headquarters, COPA planned a session that will explore how science is used in the 2000 presidential campaigns by featuring campaign representatives, congressional staff, and other politically savvy commentators. Earth and space scientists will learn how they can contribute their knowledge to shaping the platforms of the Presidential candidates. To help AGU members communicate with Congress, COPA will convene a workshop at the Spring Meeting that will provide participants with the background and hands-on skills to competently inform Senators and Representatives about the geophysical sciences. Space will be limited, so look for an announcement in Eos and on the AGU Science and Legislative Alert (ASLA) network at