For a long time, I have been interested in techniques to improve communication in the scientific community. In addition to the normal participation in meetings and use of the literature, I have organized a large number of conferences, symposia, and study institutes. I have also been responsible for the publication of summaries and proceedings and have edited a number of books.

Since organized communication is mainly accomplished through both meetings and publications, it is suggested that the Union simultaneously study both. To a great extent, the scientist establishes his reputation and influences the community through the balanced use of these media. Individuals become members of the Union because effective communication requires organization. I believe that a revision of the Union's meetings and publication schemes is in order; however, a study of the publication scheme alone could be out of context. Currently there are too many mediocre publication pages and the meetings are not satisfying. There is no panacea; however, major improvements can be made in the Union's meetings and publications. Massive unselective data centers, computer-assisted retrieval and reproduction, and other automated schemes will not really help the individual who is overcome by the proliferation of publications and talks.