Balloon flight


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A globe-circling balloon, launched September 29, 1967, at Christchurch, New Zealand, by researchers from NCAR, Boulder, Colorado, has broken all previous balloon flight-duration records by remaining aloft for one year. The Global Horizontal Sounding Technique balloon circumnavigated the Southern Hemisphere more than 25 times, floating at a constant pressure-level of 100 mbs, or about 52,000 feet. Made of mylar plastic and inflated with helium, the light and fragile balloon carried a five-ounce electronics package which transmitted a radio signal for tracking purposes. The flight's duration helps demonstrate the feasibility of an operational GHOST system of 5,000 to 10,000 balloons circling the earth at predetermined atmospheric levels to collect weather data from most of the earth's atmosphere. Currently, adequate observations are available from only about 15% of the earth.