Hydrologic engineering methods for developing project design criteria


  • Anonymous


Although the primary orientation of the IHD program has been toward scientific research in hydrology, it has been recognized that attention must also be given to improving methods and criteria for the use of available information, as well as new research findings, in order to improve the efficiency of planning and design of water resource systems. The Corps of Engineers has long had a traditional and active interest in water resources development, and has been much concerned with problems of design criteria. The Corps has therefore undertaken this project, ‘Hydrologic Engineering Methods for Developing Project Design Criteria,’ as part of its contribution to the United States program for the IHD.

Specifically, the purpose of the project is to develop, test, and document hydrologic engineering methods suitable for use in the planning and design of water resources systems, giving special attention to situations in which hydrologic records are deficient with respect to time, accuracy, or coverage. The major contribution of the project will be a report that, together with appropriate supplemental documents, will be devoted to procedures that are particularly useful in organizing and conducting hydrologic engineering studies and to the review of methods that are suitable for various analyses and computations. Basic principles, concepts, and suggested limits of applicability will be summarized to serve as general background in the description of methods and procedures.