Fifty years—Past and hence: President's Page


  • Helmut E. Landsberg


As AGU celebrates its fiftieth anniversary, we think first of those who founded it and guided it to its present flourishing state. The start was a limited committee of the National Academy of Sciences, which remains our parent body. This group was the U.S. adherent to the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics, newly created in 1919. Of the original group only our honored members Charles G. Abbot and G. F. McEwen are still with us. Selected geophysicists rapidly expanded the original group in the first decade. Those still on the membership roles include L. H. Adams, Oliver H. Gish, J. W. Greig, E. 0. Hulburt, Waldo L. Schmitt, C. H. Swick, M. A. Tuve, and E. G. Zies.