Highlights of the Council Meeting


  • Anonymous


The Council met at the Sheraton-Park Hotel, Washington, D.C., on April 20, 1969. Those items discussed that will have a strong impact on the membership in the next few months are given below.

Budget and Finance. Chairman Boyd Olsen reported that action would have to be taken at once to ensure that the Union does not incur a substantial deficit in 1969 due largely to increases in printing costs. The Council authorized the Officers of the Union to initiate action to keep this deficit at a minimum. [Since the Council Meeting the Officers, after consulting with the editors and the Chairmen of the Publications Planning Committee and the Budget Committee, have authorized an increase in the page charge for the Journal of Geophysical Research and Water Resources Research for all articles over 4 pages, and have decided to defer the Directory of Members for publication in 1969, until 1970. They have also established a limit on the number of pages in the 1969 volumes of the Journal of Geophysical Research, Water Resources Research, and Reviews of Geophysics.]