JGR publication procedures



I would like to add a few more thoughts to what was already said by Juan G. Roederer regarding JGR standards in the May issue of E⊕S.

First, Roederer correctly pointed out some of the difficulties regarding submission, review, and publication of papers in a technical journal. However, there is a pitfall in demanding submittal of manuscripts through division heads. I know of occasions when bosses, particularly new assistant professors with research grants, have forced their way as co-authors after a paper has been accepted for publication and have never even bothered to look at or understand the contents of the paper. How can JGR make sure that each of the co-authors of a paper has made any contribution—regardless of its significance? A letter to that effect, as suggested by Roederer, is so easy to produce. Indeed, it is even possible to make the original author write that letter ‘of his own free will.’