Mapping urban areas


  • Anonymous


The Geological Survey, Department of the Interior, has reported that the Federal Government is placing new emphasis on mapping the Nation's sprawling urban areas which are expected to occupy 10% of the total U.S. domain by the year 2000. Robert H. Lyddan, Chief Topographic Engineer of the Geological Survey, said that targets for the program are the fast-growing metropolitan areas ‘where city planners, administrators, and engineers are in need of standard quadrangle maps that show drainage features, streets, and built-up areas, wooded areas, locations of control markers, and elevations.’ The program calls for: completion of 1:24,000 scale (1inch = 2,000 feet) coverage in urban and urbanizing areas, updating of all urban maps on at least a 5-year cycle, making use of ‘interim’ revision techniques, investigation of needs for new map products to meet urban requirements, and the exploration of orthophotomapping for urban areas.